ShortPixel: get 50% extra credits!

This special ShortPixel discount gives you 50% extra credits on any purchase! It applies to all ShortPixel plugins and to both monthly and one-time plans (even the free plan). No additional requirements or unexpected extra steps: you’ll always get 50% extra.

Get your discount on ShortPixel:

  1. Click the button

    Click on the blue ‘Get this deal’ button at the top or right side of this page. It brings you to the ShortPixel website using a special URL that will enable the discount for you.

  2. Choose your plan

    ShortPixel offers two types of plans: Monthly Plans and One-Time Images. The discount is available for all plans. You can see the default credits written in green and the extra credits you’ll get in red. Select a plan of your choice and press ‘Get Started’.50% extra credits for all ShortPixel plans

  3. Create an account

    Sign up for a new ShortPixel account by providing your email address. Follow the instructions and you’re ready to go!

ShortPixel discount examples

With our special discount, you will get a bonus on every ShortPixel plan for both of their plugins. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

  • For the ShortPixel Image Optimizer plugin, the cheapest monthly plan of $3,99 per month will offer you 7,000 images plus an additional bonus of 3,500 images (50%).
  • If you buy one-time image compression credits for $10,00 you will get 10,000 images plus an additional bonus of 5,000 images.
  • Even the free plan gives you 100 images plus a bonus of 50 images per month.

About ShortPixel

ShortPixel is a great plugin for WordPress websites because it optimizes your images in such a way that your website will load much faster. ShortPixel drastically reduces the file sizes of your images without your visitors noticing any reduction in quality, which results in a much faster website. That also means a better user experience and improved SEO performance.

ShortPixel offers two plugins for WordPress:

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is free for up to 100 images a month. Your images are compressed using the ShortPixel API and then stored again on your own website. The free plan is sufficient for small websites, but for larger websites, you can opt for one of the paid plans. These plans give you extra credits to optimize more images on your website (one credit equals one optimized image). Using the provided discount, you will get 50% extra credits on any plan.

ShortPixel Adaptive Images downloads your images, compresses and resizes those, and stores each image on ShortPixel’s CDN (Content Delivery Network). On your website, each image is then loaded from the ShortPixel CDN instead of your own server. This saves space and increases speed. Using the discount, you will get 50% extra traffic on any plan.

For more information about the differences between both plugins, visit ShortPixel’s knowledge base article.

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