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Get the best discounts on WordPress plugins, themes and hosting. Especially for starters, those commercial products can be quite expensive. We want you to get the most out of your WordPress site, so on this page we have highlighted the best discount deals for you (and we’ll keep them up-to-date). 

Are you not sure if a plugin, theme or hosting would be the right choice for your site? Open the coupon page to read more info, including links to our articles in which we share more about the product.

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Plugin discounts

Plugins can add great functionality and improvements to your website. We have selected the most popular WordPress plugins for you, as well as our favourite quality plugins. All with big discounts.

Theme discounts

Great themes make your website outstanding. They look great from a visual point of view, but also offer great performance, useful features, and a lot of customizations. Find hand-picked discounts for some of our favourite themes below.

Hosting discounts

Hosting is incredibly important for your website. It should be fast, reliable, and flexible. And of course, it should have a reasonable price. Below are great discounts for some of the best WordPress hosting providers. You can’t go wrong with any of those.

Resources discounts

Good resources take your website from good to great. The right fonts, photos, and icons will add a lot of value. The discounts below will help you to build a distinctive and coherent identity across your website.